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oh my goodness...i was just reading old entries. i crack myself up. I'm watching Noah :) he's so adorable. and tomorrow is Chris' baby shower. I cant believe that she is having twins--ridiculous!! hmm now i remember why i don't write in here-because I AM BORING!! i'm actually really tired and should go to bed.

yea that was pointless. i just figured since i hadnt written in here in a long time why not just write a quick entry? because i suck--thats why.

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So I havent updated in forever, I dont even know what made me want to. Anyways things are going pretty good. School--im getting almost all A's. I cant believe it. It feels so good to be doing well and actually like what i am doing. Im just greatful that Im able to be where I am and that I have come as far as I have. I dont know. its a great feeling.

Yesterday was mine and Cal's anniversary. Thats right--one year! Already...it flew by so quickly and I love him! :D but im not going to gush about how amazing he is anymore because...im not. haha i dont know. im just very happy with him. my friends and family like him--and that really means a lot to me. Im just at a very good place in my life right now.

I think im going to do band next semester. I know--i'm a nerd, but I kind of miss it. I had a dream about it last night haha. I havent played in 3 years. thats so long ago! i dont even know if i could do it any more. i never really wanted to stop playing but i didnt want to in college because you kind of have to audition for a seat and that kind of thing makes me really nervous. But i think im getting better with that kind of stuff. like presenting and stuff like that...i dont really mind it that much anymore which is a very good thing because that is a lot of what we do in almost all of my classes.

i dont know. im in a good mood...not sure why considering that i was up at 7am to finish my paper for my 8 o'clock class (still a procrastinator--nothings changed there). and i just not got home from class (had to walk of course) and im rambling on here.

The only thing thats not so good in my life right now is money. but what else is new. they messed up my financial aid so im getting it waaay later than everyone else. and that is what i was going to use for rent money. im working at the kindergarten but i can only do that so much..maximum of 30 hours every 2 weeks. which with minimum wage..is nothing. and most of the time i cant even work that many hours because they have a day off or i have to go somewhere or do something. so thats not good. i think that i might have to go back to mcdonalds and work weekends--but thinking about that makes me cringe. i really should try to get another job so that i can work in oswego in the summer. i was thinking wal mart but i think that if i work there, then they will try to get me to work every possible minute that i can...and i dont want to do that. for right now i want to be able to work a weekend here or there and not have a set schedule. ahh i dont know.

well i guess i am done. im going to take a nap and then drag my ass to one more class for the day.

im outtie!

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Wow. i havent updated in months. i haven't had a computer. school's over :) i couldnt wait to get out. i was so sick of it this semester. well, i am every semester but whatever. I know I passed everything, but i'm curious to see how well i did. yeaaaaah. lol. i start my first block next semester. that means going to syracuse once a week to a classroom :/ i hope it's not going to be too hard.

Im moving in next week. yay! im so excited!!! its going to be kind of scary to be on my own. i mean, in college i was on my own, but now i will really be on my own. it's just different. i will have to cook. scary thought! but really, i think its going to be really fun. im a little nervous about the drama factor in the house. sometimes one of my friends likes to stir things up...so we'll see how that goes.

me and cal are still together 7 months today. i love him :)

ummm i get to watch my cousins baby this summer. well for only a week. but still. i will get paid to watch a baby :D woohoo! he's so adorable. he's only going to be 2 months old. he's so little. <3 baby noah

im so fricken cold. its may and 50º. what the f-word.

i really dont have much to say. i guess im boring. haha oh well i tried to update.

k--im outtie.

awww...tonight was amazing. PETER PAN! i loved it! it was so good!

first cal took me out to red lobster. i got chicken that was muy tasty because i dont fancy seafood much. i only had 1 biscuit though. i wasnt very hungry. then we went to price chopper so i could get some money because we had like an hour to waste because we were so early. still had time after that so we went to target just to look around and then we left. oh man..it was so good :D

after the play we went back to his house and i stayed until about 12:30. i love him

umm i guess thats it. but i had an awesome night :D

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Back from break. Which wasnt that exciting either. Hmm. I guess it was alright. I finally passed something in math--thats a plus :) ugh, i'm worried about this semester. and i'm only taking 4 classes. but 2 out of the 4 i'm iffy about. yay.

they didnt schedule me any hours for this weekend...again at McDonalds. I have to get a new job. i'm so over it there. i used to like it because of all the people that i worked with, but no one good works there anymore. it just sucks and i dont want to be there, and i dont get any hours anyways and i waste all of my gas getting there. so yeah. i need to find a job in oswego. espically because im going to be living here this summer so i wont have to drive all over the place.

ohhh yeah--Wednesday Cal is taking me to see Peter Pan!!! I'm so excited!! :D :D :D and before we go to see it, he is taking me to Red Lobster. oh man. i love the biscuits there!! but i feel bad because its so much money. but he wants to do it--so i guess i'll just go along with it. <3 <3 <3

one good thing about not working this weekend is that cal has saturday off too! :D
and kim's baby shower! :D yay! i love babies! i can't wait!!!!

annnnd, my moms tests all came back negative (from her cancer results or whatever)
and my dad went home from the rehibilitation place yesterday.
things are going pretty good. (compared to the last few weekes)

ok well i guess thats all for now.

i'm outtie!!

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i'm in a bad mood all the time.
i'm sick all the time.
i cry all the time.
i'm a bitch all the time.

i'm sick of it.

im just happy. this morning cal left me an IM before he went to school that said "i cant wait to see you today :D" and i dont know, it just makes me happy because i cant wait to see him either. i never get sick of him and its been over 3 months. i dont know what im trying to say. but yay :) he came over yesterday for a couple hours because i had to go to class, so he left, and my class ended up being only 20 minutes. i called him when i got out and he said that he had to go to his sisters so he'd be back in oswego. so he came back over after he went to his sisters :D we were both hungry cuz his mom didnt save him any food from dinner and i didnt eat dinner because i was expecting my class to be longer and i was going to go with erin, but she ended up going to dinner. so yeah cal bought pizza and mozerella sticks for us. it was cute because i didnt expect it at all. he's so cute :)

my schedule is freakin sweet this semester. I dont have fridays off, but i do have tuesdays and thursdays off :D wooooohoo! and mondays i have 4 classes..and one is like 2 1/2 hrs long, but wednesdays and fridays i only have 3 classes. and for 2 weeks i only have 2 friday classes because one of them is cancelled. YES! now i just have to get money to get my books. yeah i have like $100. im awesome, i know. it makes me nervous because these are classes where i think i really need the books because we dont have any papers or anything--only tests. o man.

so today im just sitting around, i still have to take a shower, maybe play a little tetris and then go over to cal's house. yaaay. shit..i just remembered that i have to go to kraftees and culkin. ok..well i better get my ass in gear.

im outtie

i havent written in january yet either :/
this one goes out to you mary.

things with cal are fine. almost 3 months <3 who knew. i am in north carolina with erin and jill. good times.

uh thats all.

a quick update. for old times sake..haha
wow. i havent updated in like 12312398 years. yeah well not much has been going on. things are good with cal. we've been together for over 2 months :) christmas was good. its so different than how it used to be. but whatever. i'm back at mcdonalds. joy. i gotta save up money like whoa.

i did pretty good this semester at school. 2 A's--hell yeah! and 2 B's and 1 C..but not too bad. im happy with it. 3.2 woohoo!

um i dont know what else...

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umm. not much has been going on. Classes, hanging out with Cal. Yeah. Thanksgiving was...well I dont know. I always get really excited about Thanksgiving and then its kind of a let down. I mean, I had a good time helping Nana. which I'm glad I was there because no one else helped..except for Jenna. And there was kind of a lot to be done. But I dont know...everyone is getting older, things are changing. its not as fun anymore. And Cal was supposed to come over for a little while but he didnt because it was snowing and the roads were bad. it made me sad. But I did get to see Amanda. it was good to see her. she's so damn skinny though. and her friend came down with her and she was nice. i dont know. haha.

In ceramics my pine cone and my acorn are gone. I dont know if someone stole them or they got broken or what. I can't find them. Hopefully they will show up because those were my two favorite things that i did. and he will probly make me do it over, but wendesday is the last class that we can do new stuff and im not even done with the last project he assigned. AND the dogs i did in that class came all apart. all of them are missing heads and they are either 2 or 3 legged. so yea. fuck me!!!! >:o

I cant believe there are only like 2 more weeks of school then finals. Its crazy. I dont know how I am doing this semester. Im kinda scared. I hope I dont fail anything. that will make me cry. Im really nervous about chemistry and anthro. eh. ive just been not into school at all this semester. and next semester is going to kick my ass because i have a hard math class and a hard psych class. ahh. kill me now!

and i cant work right now because i dont have my car fixed yet. i dont know when it will be done. i am so broke its not even funny. AHH! and I have absolutely no money for Christmas and I dont know. it just really sucks. and i'm going to have to work my ass off this vacation because i need money for tuition next semester and books and i have to start with rent money for the house. :/ wow. i just realized how much shit i have to do. not good.

i guess thats it. i'm kinda pissed right now. i dont know why.


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